Well Drilling Part 2

The video below is a continuation of the instructional video begun in Part 1.   It shows the well being drilled from 13 to 29 feet. 


Please pay particular attention to the water bearing sand in the video.  Actually, any sand that is signficantly under the water table is water bearing sand and it is OK to place the well screen in it. 

When I say place the wellscreen in it, I mean:

  • 1. Stop drilling with your two inch piece
  • 2. Place a 1.25 inch well screen down through it all the way to the bottom and;
  • 3. Then remove the two inch pipe, leaving only the 1.25 inch wellscreen pipe in the ground.

Ideally, you are looking for sand that is just a little bigger than the other sand you have been digging through.  The sand at the end of this video is that perfect water bearing sand.

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