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Bill Granade – North Tampa, Florida

I received a very interesting email from Bill in North Tampa, Florida.  Bill has been drilling wells himself for some time and has refined his technique.  He puts in three 1.25 inch wells per pump.  He drills with 2.00 inch PVC and he reuses his drill pipe.  Best of all, Bill has agreed to let me post his technique so others can benefit from his experience.  Thanks Bill!


First, let me thank you for putting up the best advice I’ve ever seen on how to drill a shallow well !!! Just found your site last night and read through all the postings.

I too, developed my own shallow well drilling technique over the past 30 years. Currently, I have done 15 systems for my neighbors as a hobby. They supply the parts and  I donate my time. These systems are in the North Tampa, Fl area. I get some very nice pies at Christmas……

My standard wells systems are 3 wells with  48 inch sand points (I use a cross fitting to hook up left , center, right sections (10 to 15  feet lengths) to a 1 hp HNE Sta –Rite pump with 2 gal pressure tanks. These wells are drilled (jetted down) with your type two garden hose set up. Didn’t think about a weep hole though! A 2 inch casting 25 feet down, then I use the 1.25 Sand points inside just as you suggested.
My 2 inch pipe is 3 sections. First is 10 feet with a Male treaded fitting on top. I jet that down first. Then I put down a 15 foot drilling pipe with a male threaded top fitting. Last I connect the 15 foot to an 10 foot extension Male/Female threaded fittings. My top drill head is just like your example except it is attached to a female threaded coupling. It is important to use a lot of 2+ 2 pipe lube on the M/F threads to be able to attach and take them apart without much problem.

I get about 20 – 22 GPM out of this type system. The water level averages 8 feet where I live. The points last about 15 years before they get clogged up and the operating psi is down to ½ of original psi per sprinkler zone. I then back flush the system for 30 minutes and add two more wells to the original 3. Good to go for another 15 years.

I use internal couplings for the 1.25 sand point pipe and 1.5 inch bronze check valves (with 1.25 reducers) for better flow on the suction side.

I’ve never tried the pea gravel idea……..will on my next well upgrade to 5 points.

Again, thanks for your excellent work showing others how to get that “almost FREE” H2O.

I wish you well,

Bill – Tampa, Fl

PS This system has a VU-Flow 1.5 inch 250 mesh filter to catch the sugar sand. The black bag it to prevent algae from growing on the filter! The plastic check valve is on an older system!

I asked Bill why he used the screw on connectors for his 2.00 inch drill pipe.  I have always used the glue on or “solvent weld” connectors for their strength.    Bill explained that he mostly drills/washes using an up and down motion so the the screw on connectors do not come loose.   Bill uses the same drill pipe over and over.


Yes, that is the reason for using it…….easy on, easy off……… pipe wrenches needed! I have used the same (3) 2 inch pipes to drill over 20 holes……

I make three changes to my drill pipe. The first is a 10 foot section with a serrated foot …… coupling on the end.

The next is a 17 foot section with a serrated foot, again no end coupling . Then I screw a 8 foot section to the 17 foot section in the ground. I now have a 25 foot well hole. I unscrew the drill head and drop the 25 foot 1.25 suction pipe (4 or 5  foot sand point) down the 2 inch driller. Pull the driller and you have your well.

Note: I just remembered why I use internal fittings on the 1.25………………normal outside fitting will not go past the Male/female 2 inch treaded connectors.

Today, I just put in an extra well point on my 10 year old 3 point system . It took 20 minutes from water on to water off to drill and place my 1.25 suction pipe in my well.  The  opened  ¾ inch hose bib pressure went from 30 to 50 psi.


Ready to start

Ready to drill!

Drilling !!

This 2.00 inch hole is drilled!

For the 1.25 inch well screens, Bill uses inside couplings on his 1.25 inch
well screen pipe so it will fit inside the 2.00 inch threaded couplings

Here is a detail shot showing where his three wells connect together

Bill says get a two Inch PVC Cutter!

Bill highly recommends investing in some two inch PVC cutters.  He said, “Eliminating the saw fillings in the pipe, plus the speed is “well” worth the small additional cost.”  He furnished this link to several sites where they can be purchased:  PVC Cutters 

Bill: “My Koi fish have been enjoying their No Chlorine
shallow well water for 30 years…….”

Bill: “You really can’t twist the 2″ drill pipe much because the M/F couplings will just screw and unscrew… you are left with mostly up and down drilling. If I need to, I use two large mouth Vise Grip pliers for handles, locked 180 degrees apart.”

I have heard from so many folks in the Tampa area asking to contact Bill that I asked him if it was OK to post his email address here.  I think he is getting to be a legend down there.  He has graciously agreed for me to post his email address.  You can reach Bill at 

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