Success! William in Jacksonville, Florida

Congratulations to William of Jacksonville, Florida on a successful well!   William drilled two parallel wells 24 feet and reports his well easily powers his sprinkler system.

William said he decided to try drilling his own well because he was getting “soaked” by his local water utility.  They were charging him both water and sewer for his lawn irrigation water.  He said the utility offered to put a separate meter at his house for irrigation water but they wanted $1,500 for it. 

William drilled his own well and plumbed it to his existing sprinkler system for $400.  He has put in a valve so he can switch between well and city water for his sprinkler system.

William drilled his well with a three inch PVC pipe so that he would have room to put plenty of pea gravel around his 1.25 inch well screens.  The two wells are eight feet apart.

He is using a one horsepower shallow well pump with a six gallon tank.

From William:  

Hey Mike,

I just wanted to share my success story. I live in Jacksonville, FL. I was getting tired of my utility company soaking me for using my irrigation system. They charge you for the water AND the sewer, even though the water for irrigation doesn’t go into the sewer. They will come out and install a separate “irrigation meter” that will only charge for water and not sewer, but they wanted $1500 to do this and you still have to pay for the water. So after a bit of looking around, a co-worker of mine directed me to your site. After doing a bunch of reading and watching videos, I decided to give it a shot. I ended up drilling to well points about 24 ft down and connected them to a 1 HP jet pump with a  6 gal bladder tank. Then I piped it into my existing irrigation system. There was a valve already in place where the city water came in, so I just shut off that valve and tapped into the piping on the back side. That way I can use my wells for the irrigation, but if they ever dry up or have a problem, I can just turn the city water back on. All the piping, pump, bladder tank, and fittings cost me about $400. But now I will never have to pay for city water for irrigation again!

Thanks a million!

Pretty slick, eh?  Good job William!

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