Success! Matt in St. Augustine, Florida

Congratulations to Matt in St, Augustine, Florida for a successful well!  Matt got a little tired of the nation’s oldest city ripping him with a water bill so he did something about it.  He drilled 27 feet.  With two parallel wells he reports just short of 10 GPM and it is running his sprinkler system just fine.

If this isn’t a dramatic demonstration of using this method to drill a well,
I’ve never seen one.  That is Matt on the roof!  He is helping his friend,
Clay (on the ground), drill a well.

Here is the style of wellpoint Matt used. 1.25 inch galvanized.
This wellpoint is made for driving but will work just fine as long
as it will fit down your drillpipe.  Here Matt uses a three inch drillpipe.

Matt put in two parallel wells to get the output he needed.  Note how
he has made the lines running from each equidistant to the tee.

Matt’s well in action!

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