Success! Dominic in Tyrrel County, North Carolina

Congratulations to Dominic in Tyrrel County, North Carolina for a successful well!   Dominic is a commercial crabber and needed a clean water supply to wash his crab pots.

 The ditch in the background leads to the Abermarle Sound where Dominic crabs.
Also, please note the proper priming and check valve arrangement.

Dominic’s well is 25 feet deep and he reports seven Gallons Per Minute output.  Check out his description below:

I had a huge need for a water supply in my remote location, to pressure wash my crab pots here in north carolina. my 3750 psi pressure washer requires min 5 gpm. I have over 7 gpm. i washed down a 2″ pipe using a friends 2″ wash pump. dumped 3  5 gallon buckets of gravel down in, then pushed in a 5′ well piont, followed by 20′ of 1.25 pvc. i pulled up the 2″ letting the gravel fall around the well point, works great. it takes about 15 gallons to get her primed right, so i use the 3 liter funnel. Once again, thanks for all the advice and help. you have a great website!

I asked him if it was OK to post his pictures and his story.  I thought you might find it interesting. 

Mike, yes you may post the pics and story. I have no idea what so ever, the static water level here is. I’m located in Tyrrell county, NC. That ditch you see in the back ground leads out to the Albemarle Sound, where I commercial crab. it was out of shear necessity that I drilled this well, i did not want to pump dirty ditch water into my pressure washer. That pump was a “Northern Tool special” … I use my generator to run it. I had a very tough time getting the pump to prime right. so I installed the 1/4 turn shut off valve and added a “3 litter bottle funnel” once its primed, it seems to keep it fine, but if I open the valve I will have to re-prime. this is a good thing so I can drain the pipes in the winter when I’m not using the well and prevent cracked frozen pipes. 

I filled several 5 gallon buckets with the water from the well and after 2 hours of sitting, the water and buckets turned orange. also there was an oily looking film floating on top which smelled of iron/sulfur. I have no prior experience or knowledge of wells and how they work. this has been educational, rewarding, and useful. i will be installing another well at my home to water the garden and fruit trees during the hot summer months. also my friend that lent me the wash down pump wants one put on his farm.  I have spoke with 2 of my neighbors and they use 12′ wells that they self installed.  ( 2′ well point and two 5′ sections of galvanized pipe) that leads me to believe our water table is quite high. if you have any questions feel free to ask and thanks again!

Check out his ready supply of priming water

Dominic’s well in action!

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