Success! Blake in Ontario, Florida

Congratulations to Blake in Orlando, Florida for a successful well! 

Blake has a particularly interesting “war story” regarding drilling his well.  He has been kind enough to let me post it in hopes it may be useful to others.

Hi, thank you for your awesome site I became so intrigued about drilling a water well after reading I had to give it a try here is how i did it….

 Day 1: tried to sink the 2in casing with Brady kit and got stuck about 22ft  drilled past with the 3/4in pipe to 25 ft inserted well point and had 20ft with four foot point……got water for ten seconds with the pump attached this attempt failed.

Day 2: ran 3/4 in pipe along casing to free it up for my next attempt .

Day 3: assembled 25 feet of casing and tried to drill at once (the neighbors are looking at me like I have lost my mind at this point) I get stuck at 17ft very angry and tired I give up for the day.

Day 4: I call a local driller for some tips this guy had a video of him washing a point down on YouTube what he told me made everything easy I bought a 550 gallon kiddy pool at walmart and attached a 1in poly pipe too my 2 in casing and added a ball valve I used the pump to pump from the pool too the casing. almost the same thing as your mud pump method but i did not recirculate the water.

Day 5: used pump too slide 1 1/4 in pipe down too free up my first tries.

Day 6: used all INSIDE FITTINGS on my 2 in casing in 5-10 ft sections in one hour i had a casing down 37ft I could of gone deeper much much deeper but my pool ran dry so I inserted the 40ft point and suction line I had 6 feet of screen on 34feet of 11/4in pipe (over the roof of the house) dropped it in and spent another 30minutes freeing up the casing

I knew I had my well from my first tries the static water level was at 18ft. I hooked the pump up Nothing …..then i checked my check valve didn’t seal right when i glued it  i re-glued  and I‘m now pumping 18gpm at 40psi I’m Thrilled ! 

-Blake – Orlando, FL

As information, the inside fittings Blake refers to are available at

Free water!

Blake has his drillpipe stored in case he decides to drill another well.
Nice looking installation!

From Blake:  Hey one last idea / tip  a 99 cent can of gloss black spray paint saves your pipes the stress of uv rays and it makes the job look awsome! its worth the pocket change for the good looking install ! every one will think you are a pro! no matter how much stuff you have to cut and glue or change !

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