Success! Nick on North Carolina Coast

Congratulations to Nick on the North Carolina Coast for a successful well! 

Nick’s well is 20 feet deep.  He has a three foot long screen at the bottom of his well with not a lot of room for a cone of depression – his standing water level is 15 feet!   He reports 2 to 3 GPM with his hand pump.  Check it out!

Handpump setup showing horizontally mounted checkvalve.
Note how he has the ability to prime the entire
pipe – both above and below the checkvalve.

Nick uses an Oasis WP2 shallow well pump. It is from Oasis Pumps Manufacturing Co. 3001 Curtis Rd. Mt. Vernon, IN 47620, 812-783-2146.  The picture above is from their website and highlights some of the features of the pump. Their website at 

Shed for the well under construction.

Here is Nick’s shed for his well  He just removes the
corrogated sections to access the pump and well.

Nick reports slight leakage from his checkvalve.  This occasionally happens when the checkvalve is mounted in the horizontal position.  He plans to put in another well with a checkvalve in the vertical position.  Here is a drawing he sent which provides for easy priming both above and below the checkvalve.

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