Success! Mike in Altus, Oklahoma

Congratulations to Mike in Altus, Oklahoma on a successful well.  This one is really impressive!  He has built a very slick wellhouse on a slab poured around the well.  I just just do not know how you could do it any better than this.

 Everybody loves free water!

The drillbit Mike used

Mike reports,

It turned out perfect.  We ran it pretty hard today – 80 gallons of water for the animals, filled my daughter’s kiddie pool and ran the sprinkler for 3 hrs.  It ran perfect the whole time and was still pumping water when I shut it off. We used an Ace hardware 1/2 hp pump and a twenty gallon pressure tank with a brass check valve.  We hit water at the 16 to 18 foot mark and we are getting 10 gpm. Thanks for your web site we did exactly as you said and everything worked out perfect. We did hit a few bumps in the road but learned a lot along the way. A complete well in our area runs around $4,500.00.   We did this one for just under $1,100.00 with the well house costing $560.00

 Got it pumping!

Here, Mike is setting up to pour the slab for his wellhouse

Inside the well house.
Note the proper priming arrangement!

Check out the slick well house!

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