Well Drilling Part 1

How to Drill Your Own Well – Part 1

Before you start, you will need some way to elevate yourself.  Some folks use ladders, but I find that a pickup truck is perfect.  A ladder tends to be unstable.  With a pickup, when you add a stick of PVC to your drillpipe, you can start out drilling from the tailgate of the truck.  Then, as you progress downward you can close the tailgate and stand on the ground. 

Don’t wear your best shoes.  I’ve gotten a lot of crap over the years from folks making sport of me drilling in Crocs but they work “well.”

Connect the hoses and place the handle at a comfortable level.  It works best if you can have someone turn the water on for you.


The video below shows the first part of a well being drilled using PVC for a drillpipe and two water hoses for water supply.

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