Auger Drilling

I have had the site up for 13 years and I keep getting questions from folks wanting to know how to drill a well with an auger.  Folks who don’t have an adequate water supply for drilling/washing a well seem to be very interested in drilling a well with an auger.  I don’t blame them.

Before I go further, I want to make sure you understand that you should probably consider purchasing a mud pump because it will be easier drilling/washing than augering.  As you get deeper, augering gets exponentially more difficult.   Digging with an auger is serious work.  But –  having said that, I have found a few videos I thought were particularly instructive regarding augering a well.

I received this video from Scott in Savannah Georgia who auguered a well. He ran into a few problems but basically just refused to quit!

Take a look at the video below posted on YouTube by engineer775.  In it an augering system manufactured and sold by Hydromissions is used.

Their system is designed for maximum portability.  Their users typically travel to distant areas where there is no well and use the equipment to dig a well.

If you dig a successful well with an auger I would appreciate hearing from you. 

Include pictures and I will post them.  Good luck!