These are links to selected well drilling texts.  Most are in .pdf format.  While they may not be oriented towards home drillers like us, the techniqes they employ can frequently be adopted for our use.  If you have a link you think I should list here, please send it to me at mike.willis@runbox.com

Multiservice Procedures for Well Drilling Operations   Excellent, thorough manual for well drilling produced by the United States Military.  Perhaps, not the first source you'd think of, but an excellent one.

Lifewater Instructions   Lifewater Interational specializes in mission style work, drilling wells in countries and locations that would otherwise not have wells.  This is the page that links to the instructions for using their portable well drilling rigs. They cover rotary drilling rigs, gravel packs, water disinfection, chorination, and more.

http://manualwelldrilling.org/  This website provides an instruction manual as well as supplemental information pertaining to a simple and inexpensive procedure for manually drilled water wells. They also produced the manual listed directly below.

Instruction Manual for Baptist Well Drilling  Outstanding manual with detailed instructions on the Baptist method of drilling.  This technique requires much less drilling fluid (water) than other methods.  Additionally, it can drill through unconsolidated formations.  

Design of a Low Cost Drilling Rig (Cranford - Burrows)  Abstract from www.watersanitationhygiene.org site that compares several low cost drilling methods and rigs.

Drilled wells   Comprehensive well drilling manual in pdf format.

Guide to Drilling a Well   A publication of the Oregon Ground Water Association.

Cost Effective Boreholes   This is a manual from the Rural Water Supply Network's site.  It is written by Kerstin Danert.

Well Drilling School Manual   Interesting and fairly comprehensive text in pdf format from the well drilling school.  Great descriptions of cable tool drilling rigs, rotary drilling, drill bits, diamond bits, drilling fluid pumps. and down the hole hammers.

A Layman's Guide to Clean Water  Excellent treatise on how Bentonite Clay is used to make the "Mud" in Mud Rotary Water Drilling


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