These are links to some of my other pages.  I hope you find them interesting.

Logitech Alert Video Camera System Review   I have spent quite a bit of my life fooling with CCTV systems.  This one is unique in that no cabling is required.  This system transmits video signals over common house wiring.  As a result, it is extremely easy for the average home owner or business owner to install and setup.  Here is an in-depth review of the strengths and weaknesses of the system.

Does a Toyota Prius Really get 50 Miles per Gallon?  You'll find the answer here.

Backyard Homesteading Dave Toht's Facebook page listing a bunch of neat backyard projects.


Turtle Hatching  There is a dedicated group of volunteers on the Alabama Gulf Coast committed to helping baby sea turtles incubate and make the trecherous trip to the Gulf of Mexico.  This is a collection of videos and stories about these people and the turtles they are dedicated to helping.  

Sea Stars Cottage  A friend of ours has a really nice cottage for rent on the Gulf of Mexico so we made this webpage for it. 

Gulf Shores Condo for Rent  Fun condo to rent.

Gulf Shores Surf and Racquet Club  Great condominium complex in Gulf Shores. 

Magnolia by the Gulf Animal Clinic Veterinary animal clinic in Gulf Shores

How to Get to Gulf Shores   The traffic is avoidable.  Find out how.

Things to do in Gulf Shores   Things to do in the Gulf Shores, Alabama area - restaurants, amusement parks, golf, fishing, etc.

Mike's Review   Menu to all of my web pages


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