These are some of the success stories of some of the folks who have drilled wells.  I think you'll find them interesting.   If you have used information from this site to put down a well, please let us know.  I've heard from a few who had successful wells who didn't want their wells posted.  Please send in a description of your project.  If you don't like what I have posted I will change it.  There are others who can benefit from your experience.  You will have total control of what is posted.  I promise!

Send war stories and pictures.  Come on - email me - don't be bashful!

Click on the pictures or links below to bring up each individual success story.

Greg - Australia




Dennis - Lakeland, Florida



Mike - Beauragard Parrish, Louisiana



William - Jacksonville, Florida


Steve - South Jersey - 75 GPM!!


Paul - Port Charlotte, Florida


Alex - Texas


Chad - Wisconsin



John - Brandon, Mississippi


John - Copenhagen, Ontario

Blake - Orlando, Florida



Matt - St. Augustine, Florida


Dominic - Tyrrell County, North Carolina



Mike - Altus, Oklahoma


Jim - Shelby, Michigan



Nick - North Carolina Coast


Gary - Orange, Texas



Patrick - Houston, Texas



Art - Montverde, Florida


Max - Fort Myers, Florida


Jim - South Coastal Texas


Randall - Central Florida



Charles - Wilmington, North Carolina



Tyler - Waycross, Georgia


Gary & Janet, Ft. Pierce, Florida