My Geothermal Heat Pump

Part 2


Next I cut and glued up all the PVC pipe.  For the supply line that ran from the well to the heat pump, one inch PVC was used.  To go from the heat pump to the three injection wells, 1 1/4 inch pipe was utilized.  A couple of minor bumps were encountered.  A sprinkler head and a sprinkler line turned out to be in the planned path of the PVC.  Other than that, it went smoothly.   Not particularly fast, but smoothly.  After a couple of days of cutting and gluing with numerous extra trips to Lowes for PVC fittings, it was done.










Here are some pictures.  The first two show the detail of the 1 1/4 inch pipes going to the injection wells.   You can see two pipes in the main trench.  The pipe on the bottom is the one inch supply line.  The pipe on the top is the 1 1/4 inch drain returning from the heat pump.



Above is a better view of where I didn't fill in the annular space with cement.  Dumb, dumb, dumb.



In the next two pictures you can see the branches going to all three injection wells.  You can see the supply well on the right.  A few years ago, in anticipation of geothermal, I had put in a one inch supply line from the well to the area where the injection wells were drilled.  That was one small part of the yard I didn't have to dig up.


In the photo above, the old heat pumps are on the left in the distance.  A sprinkler line was in the originally planned path of these lines.

I filled in the trenches with topsoil. More about that in Part 3...


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