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Tyler - Waycross, Georgia


Congratulations to Tyler in Waycross Georgia on a successful well!  He has an interesting experience to share that may be of use to others.  Initially he was using a one inch pipe to pull water up with a suction pump.  His flow was not adequate.  He changed to a 1 1/4 inch pipe and his production improved drastically!




Please note how Tyler has placed his priming valve on top so he can prime the portion of his wellpipe that is below the check valve.  This is exactly the recommended way to do it.  This can be very important if you do not have a very high static water level.



Here is Tyler's advice on installing a well point:

I think a good pointer is that once the 2" casing is in place, use the at least 1.25 PVC with inside couplings to wash down inside and beyond it. My first attempt I used 1 inch and didnít have as much success when I tried to use the pump. You know ALL about thisÖhaha   I used my "home made" brady type kit and put on a 1.25 adapter, slid 30ft of 1.25 PVC into the casing which was at 23ft. That left seven feet. I then put the Brady type kit with adapter on the end and began to jet down and wash an additional 7 feet. When I got to 30 ft with the 1.25, I pulled it out and immediately put in the 1.25 with the well point that I had made earlier and now my point is setting at 26 feet.

- Tyler



Tyler reports his well will power three sprinkler heads and maintain 30 psi.  Here is a picture of the well in operation.  Nice job Tyler!!


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