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Adding a Piece of PVC Pipe with PVC Glue


After you work one piece of PVC into the ground, it is time to add another.  Please make sure that you have worked your drill pipe until it is very loose in the well before you start.  It will take about five or six minutes and you don't want the sides of the well to collapse on your pipe while you are adding pipe.  Plan the steps as to how you are going to add the next piece of pipe to minimize the down time involved. 

Always use PVC primer before gluing PVC pieces together.  Its ugly, it makes your fingers purple, its hard to wash out of your clothes, and it smells bad, but it results in a PVC joint that neither man nor beast can pull apart. 

While we are on the subject, be advised there are two types of two inch PVC couplers.  There are some short wimpy ones that are about 1 and 7/8 inches long and they will fail every time.  There are longer, beefier ones that are 2 and 7/8 inches long.  You HAVE to use the longer ones.


Here a video demonstrating the basic steps in gluing PVC pipe.









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